Here are the current list of approved vendors and artists showing up to Yushi-Con 2018:

If you are on this list and plans have changed/you are not going please email


Table Spots NOW SOLD OUT




Japanimals LLC


Sprites of Passage


Kathrin Gentils




Studio XV (2 tables)

Indie Video Game Exhibitor



Art prints, comics, some acrylic charms and buttons all done by the artist.


Skullduggery Studios

Handmade jewlery, art and self care products.


afterimages of ghostfire


Next Gen Imaging, LLC

Custom made 3D Printed merchandise, and design services including 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Digital Sculpture, Rapid Prototype, and Motion Capture in support of all your artistic needs from cosplay to game development.


Shaunna Lam


Metal Sorcery

(2 tables)


Pat Higgins



Ashley Melvin (2 tables)


Peach & Bread


Kawaii and a Guy


Inclement Illustrations

Original art, art prints, and hand-made goods.


Starving Otaku (2 tables)


Victoria Kassner


Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

Jewelry, Accessories, Sculptures, Custom Jewelry and Accessories


Local Gems Press (2 Tables)


A Valley of Stars Studio


Here There Be Prints


Hermit Studios


The Cloakery




Wanted & Hostile


bluerosesama (2 tables)


cheppoly: chprt


Cutea Crafts


Embrace Of Destiny Art


CbcKat Creates

Clay and resin pieces themed around pop culture. Jewelry, figurines, accessories and more.


Obi Wan Kimono

kimonos, chinese dresses, cat ears, accessories


qvarr art



Von Spooky Art

Artwork and Handmade Goods


Octo Star Creations

prints, buttons, charms, plush pillows, body pillow covers, stickers if permitted, on-site drawing commissions



Prints,keychains,pins,t-shirts,sweaters,tote bags,lanyards and sketchbooks.



Art Prints, zines, enamel pins/buttons/patches/stickers, homemade bath bombs,keychains, totes, screenprints, accessories


Sweet Mildred


Minomotu Art

Prints/buttons/at con commissions ect


Weeaboo USA

Anime figurines, keychains, straps, and other Japanese culture goods.


Riyuski Art (2 tables)


Doki Waku Den (Vivian) (2 tables)


Gold Star Anime and Games (3 Tables)


Smithical Realm Creations

Resin glitter pendants and a wide variety of polymer clay items. These include charms, figurines, snow globes, wall plaques, votive holders, and hanging ornaments.










Guest Tables:

Manly Battleships

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Erica Schroeder

Lisa Ortiz