Dealers Policy Changes For 2019

Yushi-Con would like to thank all of our dealers in 2018 who have given us feedback for our next event. We’ve put together ALL of your input, based from various in person testimonies, and our post-convention call for input via our email. We have read your testimonies and have carefully considered what our changes will be for next year.


We consider all artists and vendors alike to be a core and important part of our event, and they should be prioritized as such. As convention chair, I know that half of the fun I have at conventions stems from hanging around the dealers room in cosplay and purchasing from artists. We strive to optimize that experience to become as mutually beneficial, fair, and as fun as possible. Here is the system we have put together for you for future events:

  • We will put a cap on booked tables next year to prevent saturation; we will determine the cap to match best in proportion to attendee turnout.
  • All Yushi-Con 2018 Dealers can purchase a table at a discounted rate (To Be Announced)
  • Dealers will be congregated to one room instead of being segmented to multiple rooms. (to be arranged with the new venue)
  • Signage for Dealer’s room, panels, and others will become priority. All signage will be prepared, hung up, and ready the day before any load-in happens (to be arranged with the new venue)
  • We will be moving to an artist application jurying system in order to encourage diversity and variety in content. Content will be judged compared to what other applying dealers will offer to determine the most beneficial arrangement for both dealers and attendees.
  • Staff will check in with dealers periodically to see if anyone needs water, or if they need their booth watched so that they can take a bathroom break. Conversely, dealers can call on staff for water, or to watch their booth with a provided signal that they can wave to a staffer for assistance.
  • Hours for dealers would change to shorter shifts (Example: 9am-9pm to 11am-6pm.) We determined that having the dealers room open for 12 hours in a single day is unreasonable.
  • Load-in times will be longer; We determined that the “one hour setup” we had was unreasonable. Yushi-Con staff will ensure that dealers will have at least 2 hours of load-in time before the convention opens. 
  • Dealers tables will be re-measured to accurate dimensions, and we’ll make sure to not have it be in a 3-piece set in our new venue. We will also do more to ensure that all dealers tables will be the same size and to keep communication if there are any changes to dimensions, or pieces to a set.
  • Dealers will receive one-page handouts with instructions on how to call on a staff member, where they can order food, where other Yushi-Con dealers can network online during and after the convention, and the dealer load-in/load-out schedule.
  • Dealers will be limited to purchasing only 2 tables.


All of these bullet points have been added to the Yushi-Con dealers den policies effective immediately. We once again thank all Yushi-Con 2018 dealers for their patience and cooperation with us, and we are always happy to continue doing business with each and every one of you!


Yushi-Con 2018 Post-Con Report & Announcements

We have successfully kicked off the third Yushi-Con on October 13! Another event full of cosplay, art, guests, video games, board games, panels, and more! We thank all of the attendees, dealers, panelists, and presenters for coming up and showing their support for us and our return to the convention circuit! We are currently looking for a new venue to support our next event, as East Stroudsburg University can no longer accommodate for the scale and demand of our events. We hope to make an announcement on that before the new year rolls over on what we will be doing for our fourth event! Stay tuned with us!

Other Announcements:

  • We have also listened to the artists and dealers at Yushi-Con, and we will be doing a complete overhaul of our dealers process and policies to become more effective than ever! We have put together all of your suggestions in a bullet-point format and will be making many of your suggestions a part of this new overhaul for our next event! Stay tuned for developments on that as well!
  • We will also be putting together a general Yushi-Con 2018 convention feedback survey! Look forward to that next week and let us know what you enjoyed most at Yushi-Con this year, and what suggestions you would have for us for future events!
  • We will also begin hosting Funimation screenings at Sango Kura, a Japanese eatery close to our 2018 venue that serves the best sushi in the Poconos! They will soon be serving sake from their very own on-site sake brewery! Follow us to get more information as the screening schedule is arranged!

1-Day Until Yushi-Con: Directions, FAQs, Procedures



Let’s clarify a few things:

  • Pre-Registrees: Your purchases are logged right into our pre-registered attendee database! No tickets necessary! Just bring your Paypal receipt, and ID at the registration table to make the process as fast as possible to collect your pre-purchased badges!
  • Parking: Is located behind the venue, and in the pit parking to the right after you pass the smoke stack.
  • Front desk: Will be just behind the front doors of the convention, and should be distinguished clearly.
  • Travel: When traveling to the convention, no need for an address! Simply typing “Yushi-Con” into Google maps will bring you straight to the convention address!


The Following Panels Have Been Cancelled:

Cosplay Photography 101

How to start your own Anime related business

Back In My Day: Cosplay & Conventions Over the Decade


Other FAQs:

What if I cannot find my PayPal receipt?

You can also identity yourself with the name or email that is under the PayPal purchase, confirming with your ID most preferably. It will just make the registration process slower so that is why we highly recommend bringing your receipt with you. It is also helpful to check your email clutter and spam to see if it has ended up in there.

How can I find staff?

Yushi-Con staff can be identified by their Yushi-Con staff t-shirts, or will be wearing a Yushi-Con Staff Button.

What if I have other questions that are not specified here?

Any other questions can be sent directly to Patricia at



Gaming Tournaments Schedule Now Up!

The Yushi-Con Gaming Tournaments Schedule is Now Up!

Remember that Yushi-Con Gaming is Hosted by No Pause Tournaments! Follow them on Facebook @ No Pause Tournaments!


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Pokken Tournament DX

3:00 PM – 6:00 PM Super Smash Bros. Melee

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Dragon Ball FighterZ


Indie Gaming Showcase Cancelled, Astoria Legends to Showcase at Yushi-Con


The indie gaming showcase has been cancelled due to lack of interest and engagement by developers, and instead Studio XV will showcase their upcoming indie smash hit Astoria Legends at Yushi-Con from 8pm – 9pm at the main events room! Their event will be called, “Astoria Legends: Trials of the Old King”


Astoria Legends follows the revenge story of Cybela Roen as she hunts down the Gods responsible for the death of her lover. Armed with the blood hungering sword of her deceased fiance, one of the most infamous of the Gods’ heralds, she unifies her divided land against their own tyrannical creators. Amass yourself with weapons of fallen Kings and Gods along the way as you forge a new future for mankind.


Players at the panel will compete for the fastest clear of the trial of one of the old kings: ‘King Amias’. Prizes will be awarded from a pool based on priority of fastest clear time and then going down to whoever could bring Amias’s health lower.


Players will be given 1 minute to try out the controls if they have not yet played to get used to the controls before confronting Amias.


2-Days Until Yushi-Con 2018! Updates!













Two more days till Yushi-Con!

  • Pre-Registration is officially CLOSED, this means that if you have not picked up your pre-reg, that you must purchase your registration at-the-door at the registration desk on Saturday for the $25 rate.
  • The Indie Gaming Showcase has been cancelled, due to lack of interest, and instead will be replaced by a one-hour showcase of Studio XV’s upcoming indie video game hit, Astoria Legends, at 8pm-9pm in Main Events. More details on that to come later.



Sponsor Announcement: Funimation Entertainment


Yushi-Con is proud to announce a sponsorship from the industry leader of anime in North America, Funimation Entertainment! Funimation will be providing us with screening permissions, posters, and tournament prizes for the convention!


Industry leader of anime. Stream. Shop. Discover. You should be watching.


Check out more about Funimation at!