Apply to Host a Panel for Yushi-Con 2018


Wanna get free membership into Yushi-Con for you and your panelist group (up to 6 maximum) while showing off your awesome presentations?


Here’s how it works:

– Complete the contact form below

– Wait for approval, and further instruction from us

– Profit! You and your panelist group (up to 6 maximum) get into Yushi-Con for free!


Presenter’s Policy and Rules:

Panelists who do NOT make it to their scheduled panels, have not fulfilled their presentation obligations, and yet have already received their badges for the convention, will be blacklisted from presenting at Yushi-Con for the next 2 years, and will be revoked of their badges.


All panelists that are accepted will also be contacted and required to submit a formal outline (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint preferred). Including a list of presenters, with their title, and purpose of their role in the presentation (one-sentence). So if you are going to register you should be serious about your presentation!


Panelists have until 3 weeks (9/22/18) preceding the convention to cancel their presentation if they cannot make it! Otherwise they will be blacklisted from presenting for 2 years.




Panel Registration closes on September 17th 

Cancellation Deadline: September 22nd


Panel Registration is currently closed!


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