Yushi-Con Convention Policies

Amended as of: 9/14/2018


Upon purchase of a badge, Yushi-Con attendees agree to follow and abide to the procedures below.



If registration happens to become hectic, convention attendees will be expected to form a line as directed by convention staffers.


Minors at Yushi-Con

All minors attending Yushi-Con MUST be accompanied by an 18+ adult at all times. Upon registration, Photo IDs will be checked. Minors will not be allowed to purchase/pickup badges (even if they have already been preregistered!), and are not allowed to attend the convention without an 18+ parent, guardian, or otherwise present for them.


18+ Programming Policy

If you had someone else purchase your badge for you, in order to get into our 18+ events you must go to the registration desk with a photo-id to obtain a wristband that indicates that you are 18+. Otherwise, if you are approved to pick up your badge, then you will receive a wristband as well.



Disruptive Behaviors

If any of these violations occur, Yushicon staff has the right to take action from a stern warning, to revocation of badge without refund. Examples of these violations are:


– Fighting

– Heckling

– Offensive Behavior

– Harassment

– Failure to adhere to basic hygiene

– Offensive Language

– Public Intoxication

– Failure to Follow rules or instructions of staff


If behaviors are problematic, yushicon staff reserves the right to take action. Respect your fellow con-goers, and treat them as how you would want to be treated.



YushiCon will not tolerate any harassment on the convention premises.


Harassment would include offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and inappropriate/non-consensual sexual attention. Participants who are requested to stop any behavior are expected to do so immediately, otherwise action will be taken as deemed appropriate by the staffer.


If you feel harassed, or notice someone else feels harassed, staffers around the convention and at the registration desk will be available to address the issue.



First and foremost, Cosplay does NOT equal consent. Any inappropriate behavior toward cosplayers observed by YushiCon staff will be met with action immediately.


Shoes/footwear are required at all times.


Rollerblades/Heelys are prohibited for obvious safety concerns


Masks worn by attendees should be easily removable on-request by staff.




Please take smoking outside of the convention building, and please make sure that any lit cigarettes are completely put out after to eliminate fire hazard.



For Vaping, or vaporizer pens, they may be permitted ONLY if the wattage/voltage of the battery is low enough to not create a distinct smell or vapor



If you are caught with Alcohol on the premises of the convention, it will be confiscated and thrown away and you will be marked down and will have your badge revoked for the remainder of the convention with no refund.


Camera Etiquette

– Ask permission before taking photographs.

– Make sure not to impede any hallway traffic flow.

– Respect privacy of guest and attendees if they do not want their picture taken.


Weapons and Props

– No live steel weapons permitted on the convention premises

– No airsoft or pellet guns (Good alternatives would be solid-resin, non-moving part models)

– No Nunchaku of any kind

– No explosive chemicals or fireworks

– Handle all props responsibly

– Misuse will result in being asked to remove the prop from the convention building.

– Any prop that results in safety issues or obstructs hall/doorways may not be allowed in the convention space.

– Ask for a staffer or a volunteer if you are unsure of anything.



– Signs must be a part of the costume, and must be appropriate and not offensive.


Dance Policy

– Shoes must be worn at all times at the dance.

– No outside food/drink.

– No Backpacks/Bags



Chalk-Board Policy

Drawing on the chalkboards/whiteboards are encouraged. However any pornographic or offensive imagery spotted by staff will be taken off immediately.


Rules and Regulations pertaining to Vendors

– No Bootlegged Items; Any vendors found to have bootlegged items WILL be asked to leave.
– Height Restriction: Must be able to fit through a doorway; max 15ft
– Is expected to operate during vendor hall hours.
– Low level music is acceptable, but if it disrupts neighboring vendors it must be shut off.
– Tables get 2 badges


Rules and Regulations pertaining to Artists

– No Bootlegged Items; Any vendors found to have bootlegged items WILL be asked to leave.
– Height Restriction: Must be able to fit through a doorway; max 15ft
– Is expected to operate during artist hall hours.
– Low level music is acceptable, but if it disrupts neighboring vendors it must be shut off.
– Do not show explicit art, this includes pornography, tasteful nudes are okay. If any explicit art is displayed you will be asked and expected to censor it or take it down.


And lastly, due to the location remember that you not only have to adhere to the rules of the convention, but of East Stroudsburg University campus as well.



Any Questions of YushiCon policies can be submitted via email @ esuyushicon@gmail.com

*These policies are currently subject to change over time until the convention.


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