February 3rd 2018: Panelist Registration Now Open! Plus Dealers Den Info!

As promised, panelist registration is now open! Please go to the link below to register your presentation!



Artist + Vendors Dealers Den Info



You can reserve a 6ft x 2ft table (Which is $40)

Tables get 1 Dealers Badge, additional badges cost $10 each.


This pricing rate applies to both vendors and artists.


Registration for Dealers

We will be opening Dealer registration on February 24th at midnight. We are taking that time to ensure that our business accounts are properly prepared to handle transactions. If you intend to sell product please submit your registration early to guarantee yourself a spot!

Rules and Regulations pertaining to Vendors

– No Bootlegged Items; Any vendors found to have bootlegged items WILL be asked to leave.
– Height Restriction: Must be able to fit through a doorway; max 15ft
– Is expected to operate from 10am-8pm.
– Low level music is acceptable, but if it disrupts neighboring vendors it must be shut off.
– Tables get 1 Dealers badge; Additional badges will cost $10 each.

You can reserve a 6ft x 2ft table (Which is $40)

Rules and Regulations pertaining to Artists

– No Bootlegged Items; Any vendors found to have bootlegged items WILL be asked to leave.
– Height Restriction: Must be able to fit through a doorway; max 15ft
– Is expected to operate from 10am-8pm.
– Low level music is acceptable, but if it disrupts neighboring vendors it must be shut off.
– Do not show explicit art, this includes pornography, tasteful nudes are okay. If any explicit art is displayed you will be asked and expected to cover it, or take it down.


Any questions on this policy, recent announcements, or others, please send an email to esuyushicon@gmail.com, or message us on our Facebook!


Thank you!



Late January 2018: Panelist Registration Opening Date, Merchant + Artist Alley Info, and more

Hello all!

Some quick late January updates:


Panelist Registration: 

Panel registration is confirmed to be opening on Saturday, February 3rd at Midnight. 

Details on panelist policies this year have changed, here’s how it works:

– Complete the application form for Panelist Registration

– Wait for approval, and further instruction from us

– Profit! You and your panelist group (up to 6 maximum) get into Yushi-Con for free!

If you have a presentation prepared, and have interest in presenting at Yushi-Con 2018, please be ready to fill out the application!


Presenter’s Policy and Rules:

Panelists who do NOT make it to their scheduled panels, have not fulfilled their presentation obligations, and yet have already received their badges for the convention, will be blacklisted from presenting at Yushi-Con for the next 2 years, and will be revoked of their badges.

All panelists that are accepted will also be contacted and required to submit a formal outline (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint preferred). Including a list of presenters, with their title, and purpose of their role in the presentation (one-sentence). So if you are going to register you should be serious about your presentation!

Panelists have until 3 weeks (9/22/18) preceding the convention to cancel their presentation if they cannot make it! Otherwise they will be blacklisted from presenting for 2 years.


Panel Registration closes on September 10th

Panel Cancellation Deadline: September 22nd


Merchant and Artist Alley Info: 

Pricing and information will be updated on Merchants and Artist Alley shortly after panel registration opens. The dates will then be announced as to when applications and table registration are open. Just letting everyone know that we are working on it! Please look forward to it!


January 2018 Updates: Convention Dates & Times Announced!

Yushi-Con 2018 is now officially signed in for October 13th on Saturday @ The East Stroudsburg University Science and Technology Building from 10am until 1am! While our return is only a one-day event, please stay tuned for other events we may sponsor for post-con on Sunday, and pre-con on Friday. Stay tuned for our Pre-Registration information for attendees and vendors, and other updates as more news develops. Follow us on our Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/yushicon for the latest updates as they come in. Thanks for your patience everybody! – Pat McGee

November 2017 Update


Venue Update

First thing’s first, we want to announce and ensure to everybody that we are confirmed to be hosting at the ESU Sci-Tech Venue!

However, we found a scheduling conflict, as NYC Comic Con is on October 6th, so we are planning on moving the date! We have sent a response to the university, and are waiting to hear back from them! Please stay tuned with us!


Like + follow us on Facebook for updates as soon as they come. Everything typically comes through here first @ www.facebook.com/yushicon/


Policy Changes

We have also implemented a few policy changes going into the 2018 convention year to become more thorough.


The core change to the policy is that a valid ID is now required upon picking up a badge. This is in tune with our new minors policy. Minors (18 years of age and younger) are not permitted to pick up their badge, or attend the convention, even if they have pre-registered, unless they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or otherwise. Please note, minors ARE allowed to attend the convention, however, they must be accompanied by a supervising adult if they go.

This also makes the process of acquiring 18+ wristbands more streamlined, as when you’re approved to pick up your badge, you will also automatically receive a wristband to go with it, so in a way this eliminates hassle.

You can read more on this in full detail @ www.yushi-con.com/policies


New Social Media!

We have started up a Sarahah account! If anyone has critiques from the previous 2 conventions (2014, 2015), suggestions for 2018, or just has something nice, or not so nice to say, please feel free to submit them anonymously for us to read here @ https://yushicon.sarahah.com/


Thanks for reading! ❤


Yushi-Con 2018 Dates Announced!

Yushi-Con Dates for 2018:

Location: Same Venue (East Stroudsburg University Sci-tech Building)

Saturday October 6th: 10am-1am



Policies and procedures will be much different this year around, as we are now run completely independent from the University.


Registration procedures will be changed as well to benefit the convenience of all attendees, so keep yourself updated on our Facebook and website so that you can get yourself registered in properly and be informed of our new procedures!


We are also in the process of changing our email, and updates will be posted as to when that will be completed.


In the coming days, please expect more information to continue to show up here, and on the facebook page!


We are Now Back for 2018!

We are planning out our 2018 Convention!


Any dates for the convention are ONLY suggested/placeholder dates, and are by no means the final date.


Many parts of the site are either outdated, or are currently inactive, rest assured, more parts of the website will begin to be updated/opened up after final dates are confirmed.


Some extra extra clarifications! (I promise this is the last one!)

  • Parking is behind the sci-tech building and the huge commuter parking lot adjacent to it. Utilize these lots to avoid any ticketing problems.
  • The Homestuck Q&A Panel has been cancelled and instead possibly replaced by a presentation on lolita by our guests Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque!
  • The Convention Feedback Panel has swapped time/place spots with the Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque Performance, this has been done to accommodate scheduling issues.
  • Some vendors/artists have backed out, check the list online for an updated list.

Some last minute clarifications

  • Vendors and Artists set up times are from 8am-10am, of course, coming in later to set up is fine, however the process may be slower!
  • On the ESU website YushiCon is still listed as a three day event, it is not. We are only running on Saturday.
  • Any other information needed can be found on this website. If we are low on programs or if you have lost yours, you can load this site up on whatever browser you use on your mobile phone and a mobile version of the site will load up, and you can find info on whatever you need on here.
Thanks and see you tomorrow!