We have successfully kicked off the third Yushi-Con on October 13! Another event full of cosplay, art, guests, video games, board games, panels, and more! We thank all of the attendees, dealers, panelists, and presenters for coming up and showing their support for us and our return to the convention circuit! We are currently looking for a new venue to support our next event, as East Stroudsburg University can no longer accommodate for the scale and demand of our events. We hope to make an announcement on that before the new year rolls over on what we will be doing for our fourth event! Stay tuned with us!

Other Announcements:

  • We have also listened to the artists and dealers at Yushi-Con, and we will be doing a complete overhaul of our dealers process and policies to become more effective than ever! We have put together all of your suggestions in a bullet-point format and will be making many of your suggestions a part of this new overhaul for our next event! Stay tuned for developments on that as well!
  • We will also be putting together a general Yushi-Con 2018 convention feedback survey! Look forward to that next week and let us know what you enjoyed most at Yushi-Con this year, and what suggestions you would have for us for future events!
  • We will also begin hosting Funimation screenings at Sango Kura, a Japanese eatery close to our 2018 venue that serves the best sushi in the Poconos! They will soon be serving sake from their very own on-site sake brewery! Follow us to get more information as the screening schedule is arranged!