The indie gaming showcase has been cancelled due to lack of interest and engagement by developers, and instead Studio XV will showcase their upcoming indie smash hit Astoria Legends at Yushi-Con from 8pm – 9pm at the main events room! Their event will be called, “Astoria Legends: Trials of the Old King”


Astoria Legends follows the revenge story of Cybela Roen as she hunts down the Gods responsible for the death of her lover. Armed with the blood hungering sword of her deceased fiance, one of the most infamous of the Gods’ heralds, she unifies her divided land against their own tyrannical creators. Amass yourself with weapons of fallen Kings and Gods along the way as you forge a new future for mankind.


Players at the panel will compete for the fastest clear of the trial of one of the old kings: ‘King Amias’. Prizes will be awarded from a pool based on priority of fastest clear time and then going down to whoever could bring Amias’s health lower.


Players will be given 1 minute to try out the controls if they have not yet played to get used to the controls before confronting Amias.