Photo Graphic: Courtesy of Yushi-Con


Today Yushi-Con welcomes Initial D‘s AE86, drifting their way right to the front entrance of the October 13 event. This car has been meticulously hand-built and restored from it’s original luster by Ray Ramaglia, who has analyzed the show Initial D‘s iconic Toyota tofu delivery car to the smallest detail! The legendary AE86 will be displayed right on the front entrance of Yushi-Con’s venue, the East Stroudsburg University Science and Technology Building. Yushi-Con will be taking place all-day October 13, 2018, in East Stroudsburg, Pa. The AE86 will be featured at the venue from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

This replica is the ultimate fan homage to series writer of Initial D, Shuichi Shigeno’s original design of the car. It is currently one of the best replicas most recently featured in the U.S. northeast convention circuit, and has received recognition from official Toyota dealers. To follow more on updates relating to the InitialDream AE86, please follow them on Instagram at initialdream86.

Initial D is an anime that I am a long-time fan of, and I am so happy that I finally get to have my dream car from such a great series.” Says Ray Ramaglia, owner of the AE86. “The restoration process was painful to say the least, but the amount of pride I now feel for this car has made it worth the effort.” Ray concludes.

Initial D is a high-octane drift-racing themed sports anime and manga first appearing in 1995 on print before shortly moving to a full anime adaptation in 1998. The manga consisted of 48 volumes and the original first stage television series ran 26 episodes with international acclaim and recognition that has made it the icon that the AE86 is currently known for today.