We have been awarded a Gold Badge endorsement by the group Panelists United.

Panelists United is an association of panelists that seeks to further the interests of panelists as a group on the convention circuit. Ensuring that the relationships between panelists and staffers stays well and strong, and providing insight to convention staffers as to how their policy can become more efficient.


Here is the following statement from the convention chair:


“Thank you for your endorsement! I highly appreciate that my accommodations for panelists fit your approval! We always make panelists and presenters our priority so it is really special to us that it is recognized. While we have received this post-humorously to our last year of Yushi-Con in 2015, and have not hosted an event since then, I am very happy to say that upon starting operations back up this year for October 2018 we will be making it better and more structured than our two years combined!” – Pat McGee


For more information please go to: https://www.facebook.com/PanelistsUnited/