Venue Update

First thing’s first, we want to announce and ensure to everybody that we are confirmed to be hosting at the ESU Sci-Tech Venue!

However, we found a scheduling conflict, as NYC Comic Con is on October 6th, so we are planning on moving the date! We have sent a response to the university, and are waiting to hear back from them! Please stay tuned with us!


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Policy Changes

We have also implemented a few policy changes going into the 2018 convention year to become more thorough.


The core change to the policy is that a valid ID is now required upon picking up a badge. This is in tune with our new minors policy. Minors (18 years of age and younger) are not permitted to pick up their badge, or attend the convention, even if they have pre-registered, unless they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or otherwise. Please note, minors ARE allowed to attend the convention, however, they must be accompanied by a supervising adult if they go.

This also makes the process of acquiring 18+ wristbands more streamlined, as when you’re approved to pick up your badge, you will also automatically receive a wristband to go with it, so in a way this eliminates hassle.

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New Social Media!

We have started up a Sarahah account! If anyone has critiques from the previous 2 conventions (2014, 2015), suggestions for 2018, or just has something nice, or not so nice to say, please feel free to submit them anonymously for us to read here @


Thanks for reading! ❤