Click the image of Sci-tech above for road instructions to YushiCon!


Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a happy Halloween and had a fun time showing off any cosplays you were working on!


Now that there are only seven days between now and YushiCon 2015. Here’s some advice for everyone coming up.


  1. When going to a con always be sure that you come with good hygiene! The convention will be a bit more crowded this year, such an environment will escalate any lack of hygiene.
  2. YushiCon Staff will be wearing white t-shirts specially branded with the YushiCon logo, approach them if you have any concerns!
  3. This applies mostly to panelists, but in the event of any technical difficulties, on the back of our badges and programs is the number for Academic Computing, if they are not available, please contact a YushiCon Staff member.
  4. Additionally, in the back of the badges and programs is the number for Campus Security, in the event that you ever feel unsafe and a YushiCon staff member is not readily there, utilize this number.
  5. On the back of the YushiCon Programs will be a detailed map of the convention, utilize this to find panels and the vendor and artist alley.
  6. If minors are to come to YushiCon they must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. NO ALCOHOL. This means zero. If we find you with alcohol you will have your badge confiscated and you will be asked to leave. We all like to have fun, but please be smart and responsible and take it to your apartment/house/hotel/etc after the convention.
  8. In correspondence to the previous rule. This venue is an on-campus venue, which means that all rules that apply to ESU campus, also apply to this convention.
  9. If you are coming into the venue with weapon props, especially gun props please have them orange-tipped. YushiCon Staff reserve the right to request attendees to make adjustment to their props for safety concerns.
  10. If you want to take pictures of an awesome cosplayer, please ask them first before taking the picture, it’s a good courteous gesture.
  11. We don’t have food available in the building (aside from the vending machines upstairs) so if you need a meal go to the wawa just down prospect street right next to campus!
  12. The planetarium entrance downstairs makes a very good location for group photoshoots!


Now for the location of YushiCon, which is at the same venue as last year, which is the Science and Technology Building at East Stroudsburg University. You can find the location for it here.


We hope you guys have a safe commute and a safe convention next weekend! Be seeing you there!


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