So a LOT has been updated the past week, so this is an update that may be worth reading!

  • Pre-registration is FINALLY working! Go to the registration page here if you want to put in your pre-payments!
  • As for vendors and artists, only PRE-APPROVED vendors and artists listed here are allowed to pre-register for their table. Otherwise you will be wasting money, and you will be sad, we will be sad, and it will overall be a sad time.
  • Our convention schedule is now up! It is subject to changes as the convention draws closer, so keep note! Check it out here!
  • If you need to know the location of our convention, check it out here!

And additionally, due to communication error, and family events, Erica Schroeder will not be able to make it to YushiCon this year. We will attempt to get another voice actor in the meantime. We also may have one additional guest announcement before the con!

UPDATE: We now have Mike Pollock on board for YushiCon! Thanks Erica!

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