Due to the demand for both vendors and artists spots, unfortunately there can’t be any half-room reservations for vendors. Instead, rooms will be split anywhere up to 4-12 tables (the lower the number, the more space, obviously) each depending on the total demand. In the wake of this policy change, however, all tables, both artist alley and vendors, will now come to a cheap, flat-fee cost of $25.


As for payments, unfortunately, we currently have no system of pre-payments as our previous system last year caused us some problems. We are aiming to settle this around July or August. However this situation is out of our control and is moreso in the university’s control, so the date is undetermined and this could be settled either before or after our current estimation. We heavily apologize for this inconvenience, and emails will be sent out to all approved vendors and artists as soon as our pre-payment system goes online.


Also emails have been sent to all approved vendors and artists.


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