So we’re approaching up to almost less than 2 weeks before convention-time, and we sure are hyped!


So here is the news,


Panels, Artist Alley and Vendor registration is now officially closed. We will only be in contact with those who have already registered from then on.


AMV Contest: If there are no submissions by October 30th, we will have to cancel it due to lack of interest.


Cosplay Contest: Our application will still be up until October 30th. You can also apply for the cosplay contest at the convention the day of.


Pre-registration will close on October 30th, after that you will have to register at the door on convention day.


On an additional note, we have decided against our mail-in badge service as we want to guarantee that everyone gets their pass and we don’t want anything lost over the mail. So it will have to be picked up at the convention with your name/ID/paypal receipt. We will also be making and sending out official print-out receipts for those who pre-registered to ensure a brisk check-in!


Keep an eye out on our facebook page and on the website as we come out with more updates!



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