Convention is coming up in 4 weeks, get hyped!


Now onto business,


If you want to get your tickets refunded you have until October 13th to do so. After that date, they won’t be refundable.


Pre-registration CLOSES on October 30th.


Anyone who signs up to do panels (or are doing panels) from this point on until the deadline (October 18th) is granted free admission. Any panelists who registered before who have already pre-registered will get an extra 3-day badge.


Vendor and Artist Alley Registration CLOSES on October 18th.


Our Schedule should be up around October 23-25, an announcement will be made when it is up.


As for Artist Alley tables and vendor tables, people have been having issues and concerns about the 10% income policy, so from now on Artist Alley tables will now cost $5 cash advance. Current reservations will still be listed and reserved, however, the $5 flat fee will still need to be paid.


Sorry for any confusion, if you have any questions feel free to email with your concerns.


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